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The Savior of Misbehavior

Real Name: Matt Polinsky
Ring Name: Corey Graves
Height: 6 ft 0 in
Weight: 208 lbs.
Hometown: Pittsburgh
Born: February 24, 1984
Debut: March 22, 2000

A walking disaster in the guise of a man, Corey Graves is NXT’s personal agent of anarchy. The self-proclaimed “Savior of Misbehavior” is a veteran of the underground music scene. Graves would just as soon take part in a competitive match as he would deliver a sucker punch to the jaw.

Eschewing traditional ring gear for torn-up jeans, this chaos for hire will take on all comers with reckless abandon, risking life and limb in support of his own personal credo: to make sports-entertainment dangerous again. More?

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Jun 22nd,
Corey temporarily out of action
Filed in News Update | Author: Mike

According to, WWE NXT star Corey Graves is currently sidelined with a second concussion.

Mar 31st,
Join the Filth Parade!
Filed in Tout | Author: Mike

Mar 29th,
NXT Live Event Coverage – March 29, 2014
Filed in NXT Live Event | Author: Mike

Starke, Florida:

Yoshi Tatsu defeated Bull Dempsey by DQ (Corey Graves attacked Yoshi Tatsu)

Mar 27th,
NXT Coverage – March 27, 2014
Filed in NXT | Author: Mike

Corey Graves vs. Yoshi Tatsu

Graves goes into the ropes to keep Yoshi at bay to start. Graves with punches and chops to Yoshi. Graves sends Yoshi’s head into the turnbuckles. Yoshi with punches and kick but the referee has to hold him back. Yoshi sends Graves into the turnbuckles and he chops Graves. Graves with an Irish whip but Yoshi with kicks and then he sends Graves into the turnbuckles and gets a near fall. Yoshi with more kicks and forearms to Graves but Corey with a back heel kick. Graves with forearms and a back elbow. Graves drives the leg into the mat with step over toe holds to set up for Lucky 13. Yoshi with a chop but Graves with a kick and then he drives a knee to the injured leg of Yoshi.

Graves stretches the leg. Yoshi with chops to Graves but he has trouble staying on his feet. Yoshi with a head butt. Graves with a dive at the knee and he applies Lucky 13 and Yoshi taps out.

Winner: Corey Graves

After the match, Graves tells Sami that he got the message last week. Don’t be a fool and stay down.

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Mar 24th,
Graves takes you on a trip down memory lane
Filed in Tout | Author: Mike

Mar 20th,
NXT Coverage – March 20, 2014
Filed in NXT | Author: Mike

As Sami Zayn is making his entrance for his match against Tyler Breeze, he is attacked by Corey Graves. Graves sends Zayn into the ring post. Graves says something to Zayn while the officials tell Graves to go to the back. Other officials check on Zayn to see if he can participate in the match. Zayn is helped to the back.

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Mar 13th,
NXT Coverage – March 13, 2014
Filed in NXT | Author: Mike

We go to footage from last week when Corey Graves made his WWE Network debut and aired his grievances. We see his victory over Yoshi Tatsu and Sami Zayn coming to the ring to make a challenge for their match later in the show, that Zayn won.

After the show, Sami was asked about Corey Graves’ comments and whether he has silenced him. Sami says that he had no issues with Corey. Corey said that Sami never wins, but it looked like he won the match. If Corey still has issues with him, he is not hard to find.

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Mar 13th,
NXT Spoilers – March 13, 2014 Tapings
Filed in Spoilers | Author: Mike
Spoiler Inside SelectShow

Mar 6th,
NXT Coverage – March 6, 2014
Filed in NXT | Author: Mike

Corey Graves vs. Yoshi Tatsu

Graves takes the mic and wants to get something off his chest. He introduces himself for those who are tuning into NXT for the first time. He’s not happy about not getting a spot on Arrival and calls Tatsu the guy who still thinks he can be a WWE Superstar. Graves says one thing is still bothering him – Sami Zayn. Graves is tired of hearing about Zayn’s match against Cesaro. Graves asks how long it’s been since Sami won a match. Graves says he would only need one chance to beat Cesaro but instead, he’s here with Tatsu, who hasn’t been relevant since… ever. Graves says let’s get this over with and drops the mic. Before the match can even get started, Graves goes to the floor and grabs the mic. He says, “forget this” and starts to get counted out. Tatsu comes to the floor but Graves nails a big clothesline. Graves sends Tatsu into the steel steps. Graves comes back into the ring as Tatsu is counted out.

After the bell, Graves goes outside of the ring and beats on Tatsu some more. Graves brings Tatsu in the ring and keeps up the attack before applying the Lucky 13 submission. Sami Zayn’s music hits and out he comes for the save. Graves escapes the ring before Zayn can get to him. Sami says all Graves had to do was ask and the match is on for later tonight.

Winner: Corey Graves via Countout

Corey Graves vs. Sami Zayn

Graves strikes first with a kick and takes it to the corner. Graves with a knee to the gut. Zayn turns it around but runs into a kick. Graves takes Zayn to another corner. Graves drops Zayn with an elbow and covers for a 2 count. Graves with a headlock now. Back and forth on the mat now. Zayn turns it around with arm drags and sends Graves out to the floor. Zayn runs the ropes and goes to leap out but Graves backs up and Zayn stands tall in the ring, daring Graves to come back in. Graves comes in and drops Zayn over the top rope. Graves with elbows and knees on the mat. 2 count for Graves. Graves with a front suplex and another 2 count as we go to a promo break.

We come back and Graves has Zayn down on the mat again. More offense into the corner from Graves. Zayn tries to fight back but Graves decks him and stomps away in the corner. Graves works on the knee and covers for a 2 count. Graves with another hold on the mat now. Graves slams Zayn for another 2 count. Zayn finally makes the comeback and backdrops Graves. Zayn charges in the corner but Graves catches him with a big backbreaker for a 2 count. Zayn ends up hitting a big crossbody off the top for a close 2 count. Zayn runs into a huge right hand to the jaw. Zayn fights off Lucky 13 and hits a Blue Thunderbomb for a close 2 count. Graves takes out the hurt knee and goes for the Lucky 13 again but Zayn rolls him up for 2. Graves catches Zayn out of the corner but Zayn blocks a backbreaker and rolls Graves up for the win.

Winner: Sami Zayn

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Feb 28th,
NXT Spoilers – February 28, 2014 Tapings
Filed in Spoilers | Author: Mike
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